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  1. Linda Briskin

    Thank you for visiting the website on Leadership, Feminism and Equality in Unions in Canada.

    Close to fifty women from a range of age groups participated, including racialized women, lesbians, women with a disability and Aboriginal women. Our theme summaries (posted on http://womenunions.apps01.yorku.ca/what-are-we-finding-2/) were shaped by their concerns. Many did speak about the continuing racism, sexism, bullying and harassment in the labour movement. You can find some of these comments in theme summaries 1. New and recurring resistance to feminism in the labour movement and 4. Intersection Between Feminist and Equality Organizing.

    We hope you will start a conversation on the issues of racialized women and their contributions to unions, the class struggle, and equity and justice. We would like this website to be a place for energetic dialogue.

  2. Maria Wallis

    Q1. Where is the more recent questions from the women’s movement…What about race, racialized women and their contributions to unions, the class struggles and equity and justice?

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