The Union Equity Audit offers a tool to highlight changing patterns on women’s equality issues and leadership inside unions. Many union sisters have filled it out and the Audit is generating some informative and thought-provoking numerical data. Please fill out a copy.

The Audit is now available in French. With thanks to the United Steelworkers/Syndicat de Métallos.

You do not need to do research or confirm any numbers to answer these questions. Rather, we are interested in your perceptions of what is happening. Feel free to add additional comments or examples that you think would be helpful.

Although we have asked for some information about you, please note that no names or any identifying information will ever be made public.

You can also use the Audit as an education and organizing tool. Fill it out with a group of union women or in your union women’s committee. Report your findings to your union. Please also consider sharing the results with us.


a) Click here for Union Equity Audit. Fill it out and submit directly on line.

b) The PDF form can be printed out or completed online and emailed (by email button).

If you print out, please return to <> as an attachment.

Or fax to 416-736-5615. With your fax, please include a cover note to the attention of Linda Briskin.

Any questions about the Audit? Please contact us.