*”Sister to Sister: Report on the OFL Women’s Leadership Summit”.ofl-report Women’s Leadership Summit, Ontario Federation of Labour, Barrie (Ontario), December 2012.


*THE PRAIRIE SCHOOL FOR UNION WOMEN is a four-day Saskatchewan-based school drawing women workers from unions across the country, but particularly the prairies. It is an initiative of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL). It aims to strengthen women’s leadership and participation in the labour movement. http://www.sfl.sk.ca/events/schools 

For information on the 2013 school, http://www.sfl.sk.ca/uploads/File/PSUW%202013.pdf

Contact SFL at 306 525 0197 or Adriane Paavo <apaavo@usw.ca>.

INNOVATIONS, OPPORTUNITIES, AND CHALLENGES: THE STORY OF THE PRAIRIE SCHOOL FOR UNION WOMEN: A research study released on March 8, 2012 shows that the Prairie School for Union Women (PSUW) provides important benefits to participants in developing confidence to take on greater activism and leadership roles in the wider union movement. View Full Report: Innovations, Opportunities, and Challenges: The Story of the Prairie School for Union Women – March 8, 2012.

 Follow-up research is underway now to identify the specific ways in which this women-only labour school is transformational.


*LabourStart is the global labour movement’s news and campaigns service. Their Working Women news page gathers news about women workers from around the world. http://www.labourstart.org/women/


*Fact Sheets on Violence Against Women,  CRIAW (Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women), 2013. http://www.criaw-icref.ca/

CRIAW on violence -long                            CRIAW on violence French-long

CRIAW on violence -short                           CRIAW on violence French-short


* Rising Up Strong: Women Organizing for Change
Directed and produced by Linda Briskin and Lorna Weir, Canada, 1981/1992

Originally made in 1981, Rising Up Strong was updated in 1992 through the inclusion of an additional segment on the changes — many as a direct outcome of feminist organizing — which had taken place in the intervening decade. In 2013, Rising up Strong stands as an historical reflection on women’s organizing and a tribute to continuing struggles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbHnSe98nDQ


*Mary Eady, first head of the Women’s Bureau at the Canadian Labour Congress and one of those early women who pioneered women’s organizing in the labour movement and the NDP died at 85 on Nov 16, 2011. Here is her obituary in the Globe and Mail. Mary Eady

And one in the Winnipeg Free Press: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/gender-equality-pioneer-had-a-national-impact-134524873.html


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